Islamic Countries Citizens Boycott French Products On Prophet Muhammad Cartoon Issue

What Is The Issue Behind This –

The French Magazine Charlie Hebdo Published Some Offensive Cartoons Of Prophet Mohammed.

A High School Teacher Of France Named Samuel Paty Shows Those Pictures To The Student In School Class Room.

The French President Also Placed Some Controversial Speech On This Issue.

Consequences Of This Issue –

There Is A World Wide Protest Seen From All Islamic Countries.

Protest Also Seen From The Islamic Peoples From Almost Every Country And Regions Around The World.

Mean While A Chechen Extremist Assassinates Samuel Paty In France.

Now French Products are Boycotted in Many Islamic Country By The Islamic People Around The World.

Some Videos Got Viral In Social Media Which Shows, Super Market Authorities In Turkey, Kuwait, Qatar Etc. Removed French Products From Their Stores.

Although There Is No Official Statemen Or Order About The Boycott From The Authorities Or The Government Of Islamic Countries.

France Export Almost $45 Billion To The Islamic Countries, That May Affects.

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