SOFIA Telescope Discover Water In Moon – NASA

What Is SOFIA Telescope –

SOFIA Is A Fling Observatory Unit, Which Is Jointly Developed By US And Germany .

The Telescope Placed Inside A Boing Aeroplan Which Fly Through Out The World And Collect Information About The Space.

Previous Discoveries –

Previously Water Molecule Was Found In South Pole And North Pole Of The Moon In Ice Form In Some Crater.

In Those Areas Sunlit Not Reach Properly That’s Why Water has Not Evaporated and Remains In Ice Form.

Previously Chandrayaan-1 Found Water In Shackleton Crater in South Pole Of Moon By Using Moon Impact Probe.

What SOFIA Discover –

SOFIA Discover Water in Moon’s Surface Other Than North Pole And South Pole.

SOFIA Found Water Molecules In Clavius Crater Which is Situated Southern Hemisphere of The Moon.

Clavius Crater Is One Of The Largest Craters Which Is Visible From Earth.

Most Important Thing Is Water Found in Sunlit Areas Of The Moon.

That Means Water Might Be Distributed Across The Moon Surface.

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